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It’s always a good idea to do your due diligence before you go to exchange, and this is why a Home Buyers’ drain survey is an absolute must for anyone who is buying or selling a property.

Look at it this way: you wouldn’t buy a new home without getting a conveyancer in to check the condition of the building first, so why wouldn’t you check out its drainage system, too? The last thing you want is to move into your dream property and quickly realise there are underlying problems with the systems that are serving it.

Ask Us Drains can provide you with a comprehensive report that will deliver vital information at the pre-purchase stage. We can even contact your seller’s estate agent on your behalf to book an appointment for a pre-buy or sale visit – all we need is the company’s name and the address of the property you’re interested in.

Detailed report

You’ll get a full Home Buyers’ CCTV drain survey report that highlights any structural defects and observations in each drain section. This pack will include related images, video footage, and a drain layout plan, so you, your seller and/or your buyer can see exactly what’s going on. View a sample CCTV survey report.

Complete peace of mind

Your pre-purchase drain survey will give you extra reassurance that your drainage system is in good condition. A good result indicates that you shouldn’t have to fork out for repairs any time soon, while any red flags can give you extra bargaining power at the negotiation stage.

Expert advice

If your Home Buyers’ drain survey throws up any issues, our engineers will put together a plan of action that will get your drains performing at their best again. They might propose drain repairs, drain descaling or, in some cases, an entirely new drain installation.

Fixed fees

Buying a new property is an expensive business – and the last thing we want to do is stretch your budget to its breaking point! Our costs are straightforward and transparent. The price we quote is the price you’ll pay, and we never charge callout fees, either.

Should you get a Home Buyers’ drainage survey?

Anybody who is serious about buying a new property should invest in a Home Buyer’s CCTV drain survey. However, it’s particularly important to arrange a survey if there are trees or shrubbery growing near your drain, as encroaching roots can interrupt water flow and damage pipes.

With a Home Buyers’ drain survey under your belt, you’ll be able to navigate your new purchase with confidence. If everything’s fine, you can carry on with the conveyancing process safe in the knowledge your drains are operating as they should be. If it’s not, you can go back to the seller with your concerns and renegotiate your deal from there. In some cases, the seller will offer to rectify the drainage issues before the sale is made, so as not to de-value the property and to prevent delays at the point of completion.

If you are selling your home, a Home Buyers’ survey can prove to potential buyers once and for all that your drainage system is in good working order.

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