Drain Descaling & Root Removal

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If you’ve noticed that bad smells have been lingering in your bathroom or kitchen, bubbling sounds have frequently been emerging from your sinks, and your waste water is taking a long time to drain away, it could be time to speak to the drain descaling specialists at Ask Us Drains!

Limescale is often responsible for blockages, unpleasant odours and drainage problems, and needs to be removed regularly from your system in order to keep your drains in good working order. Rogue tree roots could also be causing similar issues, and these should be removed ASAP to prevent further ingress from ruining your pipes and bringing your system to a halt.

Limescale removal

The drain descaling process is as much about preventing plumbing problems as it is about treating them. We can smooth down the surfaces of your pipes to get rid of the limescale that’s causing obstructions or restricting your flow.

All areas treated

Limescale can cause problems throughout your entire network. As well as descaling drains and removing roots from within your main system, we can also carry out crucial maintenance works on drainpipes, sewer pipes, waste stacks and more.

Root removal

Our engineers can remove both tap and fibrous roots from your drain or sewer using high pressure water jetting equipment and Picote mechanical cutters. We will cut out the roots at the point of entry and pull them out of the drain to restore full flow.

Fast diagnosis, effective solutions

We pride ourselves on delivering a professional and reliable drain maintenance service to customers in Essex, Suffolk and London. We’ll always work to fix your issue as quickly as possible so normality can be restored sooner rather than later!

Why it’s important to look after your drains

Ever spotted white stains on your taps, sinks and showerheads? This is down to limescale, the hard, chalk-like deposit that can build up on fixtures when hard water evaporates from these surfaces over time.

If you live in a hard water area, like London, Essex or Suffolk, you’ll typically see more limescale in and around your home. It’s not dangerous – but if it’s not removed, it can begin to clog up your plumbing system, along with the drains that serve your property. Regular drain descaling will keep your fixtures free from unsightly marks and operating at their best.

Similarly, you should never underestimate the problems that can arise from root ingress or intrusion. Not only will pesky creepers obstruct your water flow, but they will also cause blockages and breakages in your pipework, leading to costly repairs.

If you suspect your drains are falling victim to either of these issues, it’s time to call Ask Us Drains. We’ll visit your premises to get to the heart of the issue, then provide you with a straightforward quote for the works.

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