Deep Sewer Cleaning

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Ask Us Drains has been providing professional sewer cleaning services for nearly two decades. Having worked on many major sites in the South East of England – including some of the UK’s oldest sewers in London –  we are the first port of call for private customers and local water companies who want to rid their mainline sewers and drains of silt, sludge, grease, tree roots and other debris that can cause blockages and eventually lead to flood damage.

We have the knowledge, the experience and the industry-leading technology to take on any sewer jetting challenge. Our engineers will manage the entire cleaning process all the way from carrying out the initial inspection through to disposing of any waste and restoring the landscape back to its original condition once the project is complete.

Our staff can also inspect, clean and maintain drains that service schools, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, pubs, fast food outlets and public facilities to ensure these vital systems are free from leaks, blockages and structural damage.

Advanced cleans

Our machinery makes light work of even the dirtiest and most contaminated sewer environments! Our high pressure water jetting equipment can clear 105 gallons a minute, and can suck bricks via a powerful suction hose from 30 metres deep.

Vacuum tanker works

Ask Us Drains can supply vacuum tankers of all sizes and specifications, from machines with 1,000 gallons capacity to those that hold 5,500 gallons. Vacuum tankers are used to pump debris from sewers, chambers, shafts and drains while the clean is underway.

Confined space experts

We have all the necessary training and qualifications to undertake cleaning projects in sewers with specific access restrictions. Our engineers have carried out many successful cleans in confined spaces, especially in the City.

Preventative services

The best way to keep flooding disasters at bay is to maintain sewers and drains on a regular basis. We offer periodic deep sewer cleaning services to companies that recognise prevention is better than cure.

Cleaning hard-to-reach areas

In the UK, sewers and drains don’t just run underneath housing estates – they can run for miles along highways, across fields, and even parallel to tight city streets. If a sewer or chamber is located in a small, awkward space, or in the middle of a rural area where it’s impossible to park one of our vacuum tankers, we will send out one of our off road tracked porta reel units instead.

These useful machines can jet the length of the sewer from an open chamber and can be operated as far as 500 metres away from the vacuum tanker itself. We have the capabilities to manoeuvre the portal reel through pathways as narrow as 1.4 metres wide, meaning we can carry out works in otherwise inaccessible areas.

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