Gully Cleaning

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Gullies play an important role in any drainage structure. They drain excess water from roads, highways, forecourts and car parks and direct it into underground systems, preventing excess rain from causing floods and keeping the surrounding surfaces clean, clear and dry.

Just like gutters and pipes, gullies can become clogged with dirt, grit, leaves and other sundries – and if this happens, they need to be cleaned and cleared as soon as possible to prevent excess water build-up and further damage to the rest of the system.

Ask Us Drains offers professional gully cleaning solutions to commercial properties in Colchester, Essex, Suffolk and London. As part of our yearly cleaning and maintenance service, we will attend your site to clean all gullies and their connecting surface water drains to ensure your system is free from debris and operating as it should.

Tried and tested methods

Our engineers use best-in-class vacuum gully tankers to draw silts and leaves out from the system and deliver dirt free water back into the gully. We then flush test each connection before placing the gully cover back in position.

Maintenance packages

There are 38,000 gullies in Colchester and Tendring alone – and all of them need to be cleaned routinely to keep the region flood-free! Get in touch now to arrange regular gully cleaning and maintenance visits at your commercial premises.

Minimum hassle

We know how disruptive drainage works can be. We’ll complete your gully clean as quickly, as efficiently and as tidily as possible, and make sure all nearby surfaces are left free from the dirt and debris that will inevitably be unearthed.

Incredible service

We’ve earned a great reputation in the Essex, Suffolk and London areas for delivering fast, reliable and affordable gully cleaning services to industrial clients and local authorities. Discover what makes Ask Us Drains different by contacting us today!

The importance of cleaning gullies regularly

The odd blockage here and there won’t cause too much of an issue, right? Wrong. If you don’t keep gullies clear, water will start to overflow, causing flooding in and around the property, road or highway the connection is servicing.

Flood damage can be inconvenient at best – and at worst, it can bring an entire business to a standstill. For example, we have come across situations in the past where internal drains have spilled over into warehouses and saturated a company’s stock. If the gullies serving the area had been regularly serviced and maintained, this kind of scenario could have easily been prevented.

If you’re concerned that your surface and foul water system is no longer fit for purpose, our engineers can visit your premises, assess the setup in place, and make recommendations as to how your setup could be improved.

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