Sewage Treatment Systems

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Sewage treatment plants are more sophisticated alternatives to septic tanks, which can be installed as part of wider treatment systems.

Their main draw is that, by design, they treat all the waste they collect instead of simply separating it. This means that the water that leaves the treatment plant is much cleaner and can be discharged straight to a local watercourse instead of being collected by soakaway or flowing into a drainage field.

Since 2003, Ask Us Drains has been installing, servicing and repairing all kinds of sewage treatment plants at sites in Colchester and across the South East of England. Every project of this kind needs careful planning, so we will use our experience to develop a treatment system at your property that is as efficient, as low maintenance and as cost-effective as possible, as well as compliant with all the latest environmental legislation.

360 degree service

From installing a brand new sewage treatment plant to upgrading and repairing your existing system and replacing its mechanical components, we can handle every aspect of your off-mains drainage setup.

Unrivalled advice

We’ve dealt with all kinds of situations in our 17 years of trading! Whatever your setup, and wherever you’re located, you can trust our engineers to deliver sewage treatment recommendations that will benefit your property in the longer term.

Fully compliant

We’re committed to ensuring our systems meet industry standards, especially where pollution may be an issue. We’re well versed in the latest General Binding Rules in England and we make sure everything we suggest conforms to these regulations.

Regular maintenance

We offer maintenance contracts to customers who want to make sure their sewage treatment systems are in fantastic condition all year round. We’ll put together a logical servicing schedule that suits your requirements and your budget.

The benefits of installing a sewage treatment plant

Sometimes, installing a sewage treatment system is the only course of action. But even if staying on grid is an option, there are many advantages to using an independent sewage treatment plant to store, treat and dispose of the wastewater that’s being generated from your toilets, sinks, washing machines and other appliances.

The technology used in these plants eliminates all kinds of contaminants. The filter can rid your water of bacteria and other harmful organisms before it is distributed back into the ground, which in turn prevents diseases and other harmful substances from getting into the wider environment. Modern-day sewage treatment systems only need servicing and/or emptying with a vacuum truck every 12 months and will typically last for 15 years or more.

What’s more, sewage treatment plants are surprisingly low cost. You’ll need to get the system serviced, but you won’t need to pay for any additional sewerage charges. You could save as much as £600 per year!

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