Drain Excavations


We do our best to avoid drainage excavations wherever we can, as these works can be expensive and disruptive. But if your project calls for a more comprehensive repair or an entirely new installation, you can trust the team at Ask Us Drains to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Ask Us Drains has been managing drain excavations for many years. Our skilled contractors have the knowledge, the equipment and the confidence to take on projects of any size and scale, and have an intricate understanding of the various health and safety requirements that need to be in place onsite to ensure the excavation works are safe and fully compliant with current legislation.


From placing surface water soakaways to adding septic tanks to your existing drainage setup, we can handle any and all underground installations. What’s more, we’ll never disturb more land than we need to.


If a CCTV survey has flagged up a collapsed drain, we may need to excavate to get to the root of the problem. We’ll carry out all drainage repairs quickly and cost-effectively to get your site back to normal as soon as we can.

New builds

We have decades of experience in preparing drainage services for new properties and developments. We’ll take all geological and logistical factors into consideration to make sure we get the installation spot on first time.


Thinking of adding more space to your property? Let us help you locate and inspect any existing drains, then excavate the area to carry out important structural or maintenance works that have been flagged up by the initial survey.

Soakaway test holes

Not sure if your soakaway installation will be viable? We can carry out a percolation test to determine the water absorption rate of the soil before finalising the final soakaway design. This is often a crucial stage in the process.

Do you really need an excavation?

Many common drainage issues can be fixed without having to drill underground. Blockages, for example, can normally be cleaned out using high pressure water jets or specialist drills, and small holes and cracks can be patched up by relining the pipework using no-dig technology. But if the problem is so severe that it just cannot be addressed remotely, we’ll need to tunnel a hole or trench into the ground and work on the affected area directly.

Our highly trained engineers won’t just start digging and hope for the best, though! We’ll survey the area first so we can map out where the pipes lie and identify whether your drainage system is close to other water or gas related services. Once we’ve gained a better understanding of what’s happening underneath our feet, we’ll recommend the next course of action, and put the plans in motion for a drainage excavation that will cause the least possible disruption to your property and your plans.

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