Rainwater Harvesting

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The team at Ask Us Drains specialises in supplying and installing rainwater recycling tanks in homes throughout Essex, Suffolk, London and the South East of England.

Rainwater harvesting involves storing rainwater in above or below ground storage tanks instead of letting it run off the roof and into a drain. It’s a simple, efficient and eco-friendly way of collecting ‘free’ water that can be used in place of water from your mains supply.

For most properties, we will install a rainwater harvesting tank in an appropriate underground location. The tank will be fitted with a harvesting pump that will supply a direct feed to your taps, toilet cisterns and other parts of your water system. And if the water in the tank runs dry, it will be topped up with water from your mains, so you won’t ever need to worry about not being able to flush your toilet or wash your hands.

Environmentally friendly

Rainwater harvesting systems allow you to do your bit for your planet by recycling natural rainwater instead of pulling fresh water through from the mains. Install a water recycling tank, and you could reduce your annual water consumption by as much as 50%!

Innovative systems

There are a range of rainwater harvesting systems on the market, including those that are suitable for home and garden use. Our engineers will assess your property, then propose a solution that meets your requirements and your budget.

Super filtration

Today’s rainwater harvesting systems offer industrial-grade filtration technology that treats the water before it enters the storage tank by removing leaves and sediment. This ensures the water is fully usable before it enters your property.

Cost-effective solution

Once installed, a top of the range rainwater recycling kit will save you cash every time you flush your toilet or water your plants. It will also be an attractive feature for buyers when you eventually come to sell your property.

Soakaway installations

Soakaways can be viable alternatives to full rainwater recycling systems. Soakaways are ground-level pits that hold a certain volume of surface water from your roof, allowing your property to stay dry. In the days following heavy rainfall, the water sitting in your soakaway will begin to filter into the surrounding soil, clearing space for the next downpour.

To determine how big your soakaway needs to be, our engineers will dig a test hole, then fill and measure the water level over a 24 hour period to see how much the water drops in this time. Using this data, we can work out the metre squared run-off area that’s going to be needed, and let you know which product is going to best meet your home’s requirements.

Today’s soakaways can hold a higher capacity of water thanks to their attenuation tank crates, which release stored water via flow-control chambers.

If you feel your property would benefit from a new soakaway installation, or you are concerned that your existing soakaway is not performing as it should, contact Ask Us Drains for expert advice.

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