Pump Station Installation

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Pumping stations – or lift stations, as they are sometimes known – use a small amount of electricity to move wastewater from A to B when there is little to no water flow. They are essential in areas where low lying land is stopping gravity from moving the water naturally, and in networks that service properties that are far away from each other.

A pumping station that’s installed correctly can greatly enhance the efficiency of any drainage system. But on the flip side, a pump that’s poorly designed or constructed can weaken an entire network. Ask Us Drains has many years’ experience in developing, installing and maintaining safe and effective pumping systems for all kinds of properties, including large-scale commercial developments.

Full installation

From relatively small setups to big industrial systems, we can design and install all kinds of pumping stations to suit the needs of any property or development. All our quotes are provided on a fixed fee basis.

Ongoing maintenance

We can visit your site every 6 or 12 months to remove all fatty deposits from your pumps, check all the pipework is in good condition, and test the equipment to make sure it is kicking in automatically at the appropriate wastewater level.

Responsible approach

All waste removed from your site will be accompanied by a Duty of Care certificate, which demonstrates we have operated in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act. We will also provide a breakdown of all the works carried out for your own records.

Decades of experience

Your pump station is a vital part of your drainage network, and it needs to be treated with care. The team at Ask Us Drains has been installing and servicing pumps for decades, and we know these systems like the backs of our hands!

Why do you need us?

Most eligible pumping stations have been adopted by local water authorities in recent years, which means these companies take the responsibility for ongoing maintenance away from private developers. But if for whatever reason you have decided to retain ownership of your pumping station, you must take good care of it.

Maintaining your pump station on a regular basis will give you extra peace of mind that the machinery is running safely, working efficiently, and not using more energy than it needs to. Leaving this technology to its own devices over a long period of time will more than likely lead to mechanical breakdowns and pump failures, which creates a backup of toxic sewage in the system. Eventually, this hazardous waste will be released into the environment, and there’s no telling what effect it will have on local wildlife.

You can rely on Ask Us Drains to keep your pumping station in brilliant working order. Contact us now for more information on our pump station installation and maintenance services.

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