Drain Tracing & Mapping

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Not sure where your drains are located? Want to chart your drainage and sewer pipes before you start a new building project? Ask Us Drains offers specialist drain mapping services for customers who want to gain an accurate map of their underground drainage network and discover what kind of condition it’s in, without digging up the landscape and causing an unnecessary mess.

Our drain mapping and tracing solutions will also give you an insight into which parts of your drainage system are your responsibility, and which parts are owned by – and therefore need to be cleaned and maintained by! – your local water authority. Knowing exactly how your drains are laid out, and who will be accountable for what, can make fault-finding much easier and ensure any repairs can be completed quickly and accurately.

Drain locating

We use a range of techniques to trace drainage networks, including water flow tracing, dye testing and, of course, drain CCTV monitoring. We provide all customers with full reports that contain a physical map of the network’s layout for reference.

Sewer mapping

Our engineers can provide detailed underground sewer maps that can be used to plan future excavation projects, or that can be submitted to the local water authority as part of a pre-build or post-build survey.

Expert engineers

Our drainage contractors have decades of combined experience in locating and mapping drainage systems. All engineers are SafeContractor approved and have been trained to get the most precise results possible from our drain mapping technologies.

Top tracing equipment

We use the Sonde and Trace system to trace non-metallic drains, sewers, ducts and pipes. We’ll attach a transmitter to our CCTV camera to identify drain and sewer diameters, invert levels, buried chambers, collapsed drains and lateral connections.

Drain mapping prior to construction projects

Drain tracing is particularly important if you are planning to add an extension to your home or construct a new building on your land. To make sure your project doesn’t cause any damage to your underground systems, you’ll need to know exactly where your pipes are located, and how deep they run.

If your local water authority’s drain network runs through or underneath your property, you will need to apply for a ‘build over’ agreement to get permission for the works. If it comes to it, we can guide you through this process and help you deal with all the necessary paperwork.

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