Commercial Rainwater Harvesting

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Ask Us Drains helps businesses in Essex reduce their mainline water consumption and operate in a more environmentally friendly way by installing cost-effective rainwater recycling systems underground at their commercial premises.

Rainwater harvesting systems collect surplus rainwater from roofs and other hard surfaces that can then be reused by your staff and visitors onsite. Water that has been harvested and filtered by the appropriate equipment – and that would have otherwise run straight into a drain – can be fed into your property and used to flush toilets, water plants, power water features and more.

Commercial rainwater harvesting systems can save you a great deal on wastewater charges from your mainline supplier, and these innovative setups will almost certainly pay for themselves over the course of their decades-long lifespan.


When installed correctly, rainwater harvesting systems will reduce any company’s annual water consumption from the mains. They are a great option for any eco-conscious business that wants to minimise their impact on the environment.

Intelligent systems

Our state-of-the-art rainwater harvesting units are controlled via easy to use hand touch technology. If the recycled water runs dry, the system will pull in water from the mains to make sure your supply is never interrupted.

Easy maintenance

Harvesting systems are easy to look after, although they will need to be serviced every 12 months or so to ensure the tank itself is free from obstructions, and its filters, gutters, pipes, and other accessories remain in good condition.

Conservation compliant

The government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) enables companies to offset the cost of their harvesting installation against their corporation tax bill. If your system qualifies, we can help you complete all the necessary paperwork and make your claim.

Industrial soakaways

Soakaways are surface-level pits that catch rainwater from your roof and release the fluid back into the soil over time. They can be installed either as an alternative to commercial rainwater recycling systems, or to support these units by managing overflow after heavy downpours.

If you are considering installing a soakaway at your office, warehouse, shop or other commercial premises, speak to the team here at Ask Us Drains. We have decades of combined experience in designing, supplying and maintaining soakaways for all kinds of developments, and can carry out simple tests to determine which size storage cell will meet your requirements.

All our commercial soakaways are installed under BRE Digest 365 guidance and in accordance with Part H drainage and waste disposal regulations.

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