Mainline Sewer Surveys

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At Ask Us Drains, we work with local water companies and owners of private drains to assess the overall condition and structural integrity of their sewer systems.

Our engineers carry out comprehensive mainline sewer inspections, which involve looking inside the network with a specialist CCTV camera to identify where the drains are internally or externally, then viewing inside the pipework to determine if there are any issues that could be affecting flow or overall performance.

CCTV inspections

We use state of the art drain CCTV equipment to identify leaks, blockages or collapses in your system that could be preventing it from functioning correctly. CCTV also helps us map the locations of your drains and build an accurate picture of what’s going on underground.

Crawler cameras

Our engineers use crawler cameras that can extend 300 metres from one chamber position and survey pipes from 75mm to 225mm in diameter. We use a battery operated push rod CCTV camera or a Crawler CCTV Sewer Camera that can survey sewers from 225mm up to 1200mm in diameter.

Full reports

Once the CCTV work is complete, we can produce a Structural Condition Sewer Survey Report to highlight any potential issues or important observations. This document can be supplied with OC19 and OC21 certification on request. View a sample CCTV report.

Expert recommendations

We work quickly – and we always act in the best interests of our customers. If we come across an obstruction or another issue with your mainline sewer, we’ll suggest practical and affordable ways of tackling the problem head-on.

Why do you need a mainline sewer survey?

Commercial sewer surveys can be carried out at any time, by anyone, if there’s reason to believe there’s a problem within the system. But there are a couple of scenarios in which these inspections are vital.

Firstly, a mainline sewer survey is highly recommended if a developer or local authority wishes to construct a new building or extension close to, or directly over, an existing sewer system. The investor will want to make sure that the sewers servicing the new property (or properties) are in good working order and meet all the relevant safety standards.

Secondly, home buyers are increasingly requesting mainline sewer inspections as part of their wider pre-purchase property survey, as this report will give them extra peace of mind that their drains are in great condition and will not need any remedial works in the near future.

Learn more about our Home Buyers’ drain surveys.

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