CCTV Drain Surveys

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If you suspect there’s a leak or a blockage within your drainage system, we can carry out a CCTV drain survey in the first instance to determine where the root of the problem lies. This involves sending a camera into the system to inspect the pipework, analysing the images, and reporting our findings back to you in a technical report or with recorded footage.

Our CCTV cameras can detect everything from broken or collapsed drains to blockages, root ingress and displaced joints. They can provide us with an important insight into the state of your drains, and we use this information to recommend a treatment method that will solve the problem and future-proof your system against any preventable damage.

Easy diagnosis

If you think you’ve got a problem with your pipework or your wider drainage system, we can use our CCTV cameras to assess the state of your drains remotely, without disrupting your garden or landscape. We won’t dig unless we absolutely have to!

Best-in-class equipment

We’ve invested heavily in some of the best CCTV technology in the industry. Our drain push rod camera can survey a 75mm to 225mm diameter drainpipe up to 100m long, while our mainline crawler camera can reach 300m from one chamber position.

Detailed surveys where required

This cutting edge technology allows us to provide a more in-depth summary of the state of your drains. You’ll get a Structural Condition Sewer Survey Report that can be backed with OC19 and OC21 certification on request. View a sample CCTV survey report.

Evidence provided

We can put together an easy-to-read CCTV drain survey technical report for future reference. And if you want to witness your drain’s conditions for yourself, we’ll download the footage onsite, then supply you with a DVD of our recent camerawork.

When do you need a CCTV drain survey?

We would suggest investing in a CCTV drain survey if you are experiencing surface flooding or other persistent problems. Sometimes, the cause of the issue isn’t always easy to spot, and you need to assess the system as a whole to understand what’s happening.

You should also request a CCTV drainage survey if you’re thinking of building an extension and want to understand how the condition of your drains might affect your construction plans, or if you’re planning to buy a new property and you need to make sure there are no drainage defects that could affect its value or lead to costly repairs further down the line. You may benefit from organising a dedicated Home Buyers’ CCTV drain survey.

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