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The drainage engineers here at Ask Us Drains have many years’ experience in designing, installing, emptying and repairing septic tanks. We also work with our customers to make sure their septic tank system meets all the latest environmental legislation, and their maintenance records are accurate and up to date.

Your treatment system must meet the relevant British Standard in force at the time of installation.

The standards currently in force for new systems are:

  • BS EN 12566 for septic tanks and small sewage treatment plants
  • BS 6297:2007 for drainage fields

Rules you must follow if your septic tank or small sewage discharge treatment plant releases (discharges) liquid to the ground

Daily discharge volume calculator for small sewage discharges from septic tanks and package treatment plants

Septic tanks are becoming increasingly popular amongst our commercial customers as a means of dealing with large quantities of sewage from larger developments such as schools, hotels, leisure centres and holiday parks.

These kinds of septic tank systems are also a viable option for developers who cannot set up a connection to the nearest public sewer, or who need to install an advanced capacity system that can treat higher volumes of wastewater. When installed with an appropriate soakaway, they are also kinder to the environment, as they use bacteria to break down solid waste in place of chemicals.

Tank installations

We will carry out a full survey of your site to determine where your septic tank should be located, based on the condition of the ground and the surrounding geology. We’ll then install a septic tank that will be able to cope with the predicted wastewater output.

Emptying services

To avoid nasty smells, prevent overflow and keep your tank in good condition, you will need to arrange for your tank to be emptied on a regular basis. Our engineers can visit your premises and drain your tank safely and without any unnecessary disruptions.

Repairs & maintenance

If you experience a problem with your septic tank, call our engineers straightaway to take advantage of our fast, reliable repairs service. We also offer pre-planned maintenance contracts to customers who want to reduce general wear and tear on their system.

Compliant solutions

All commercial septic tanks in England need to be installed in accordance with the government’s General Binding Rules. We can help you navigate the latest laws, leaving you with a setup that is fully compliant and certified to current standards.

The benefits of installing a septic tank

It’s no secret that our public sewers are overstretched. By installing a septic tank at your property, you’ll not only be reducing the strain on the main system – you’ll also be investing in an efficient, eco-friendly means of breaking down your waste and releasing water back into the environment.

Septic tanks use a natural filtration system to separate, then clarify, the waste they collect. Their unique setup enables you to dispose of your waste independently, meaning your output won’t contaminate the water supply and you won’t need to pay your local sewage company to take it away. In fact, throughout its 20 to 40 year lifespan, your septic tank installation will pay for itself, and then some!

Today’s septic tanks are a world away from the inefficient models of the past. Units that meet the government’s new regulations can treat water to the same standard as sewage treatment plants (if they are well looked after and emptied every 6 to 12 months).

Find out if your property is suitable for a new septic tank installation. Contact Ask Us Drains now to arrange your free site survey.

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