Mansion House

Should you have a Grande House or Business where we need to be a little more sensitive with the old Building and old drains or that thy run in unique surroundings, Ask Us Drains are confident we can offer the expertise to satisfy any demand.

Mansion House is one of these such places, Currently occupied by the Lord Mayor of London, we have been carrying out CCTV drain surveys here… making sure no grease is left on the red carpet. Certainly is a place to be, the cellars where the prison cells with arched thick doors with a wrought iron window is where the suffragettes were placed while waiting trail for breaking a window

The story goes that when a bomb exploded between Mansion House and The Bank of England during the second world war, the blast knocked out all the color pains of glass from the window, local London people went through all the rubble and all but one piece of glass were found and put back as today.

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