City of London Parks

Ask Us Drains looks after a number of City of London Parks, Wanstead, Hampstead, and this week we are working at Golders Hill Park to remove tree root infestation and restore the old clay and carbon pitch fibre pipes integrity by installing resin liners. The Park, being on a hill, suffers from waterlogged areas because tree’s do enjoy a good source of water which is why their roots break into the surface water drains and then block them.

We are equipped to work remotely as being that the drains run under the entire park we can rise to the challenge sitting in the middle of the Parks beautiful surroundings.

City of London, Golders Hill Park.

Where is it?

Golders Hill is neighbours with Hampstead, a beautiful side of North West London. Golders Hill Park, North End Way, London NW3 7HE.

What about it?

Golders Hill Park is on the site of Golders Hill House and grounds, purchased at auction in 1898 by a committee of local residents. It was opened by the LCC in 1899, the first public park in Hendon. The estate was created in the 1760s for Charles Dingley. The House was bombed in the second world war which is where a restaurant now stands.

In the Park, you can find:

  • a cafe
  • tennis courts
  • all-weather table tennis tables
  • a bandstand
  • a croquet lawn
  • a zoo
  • a butterfly house
  • a children’s playground
  • a beautiful walled garden
  • the stumpery

The zoo contains a variety of animals and birds, including donkeys, coatis, a rhea, maras, red junglefowl, Lady Amherst’s pheasants, red-legged seriemas, ring-tailed lemurs, kookaburras, sacred ibis, cattle egrets, little egrets, Eurasian eagle-owls and white-naped cranes

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